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  5. "Watayapata dukani"

"Watayapata dukani"

Translation:They will get them at the shop

February 22, 2017


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How would one say: "They will get the shops?" as in: They will buy the shops themselves rather than what is in them? Thank you for putting this course together!


Obviously stepping out on a limb here. We'll see if I have any idea what I'm talking about when a more authoritative answer comes along. "duka" is in the ji-/ma- noun class, so "shops" is "maduka." The plural object infix for that class is -ya-, which is already there in the sentence given, so I guess "Watayapata maduka."

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Now that you reminded me what the "ni" stands for, I would buy that! You are right, when I took the time to go through the GREAT tips I came up with several "right" Swahili translations! Kudos to the team that put the tree together!

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