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  5. "Wamesema kwamba hawapendi"

"Wamesema kwamba hawapendi"

Translation:They have said that they don't like

February 22, 2017


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Is this a complete sentence in Swahili? In English, I can say: "I do not love." but I will never say "I do not like" by itself... NOTE: I am not saying that the course should have only complete sentences... Thank you for putting this course together.


i'm not sure if it's a complete sentence or not but I've definitely heard plenty of tanzanians say "sipendi" without any object after it. Although in all cases there should be some understood object. like if i asked "je, unapenda ndizi" (do you like bananas?) they might say "sipendi" without any object but the object would be assumed to be bananas.

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Joel, Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. In this case, it sounds that the verb is used pretty much as in many other languages. Enjoy the lingot, Daniel.


In English, when we use like we have an object after it. They don't like . . . apples. We don't simply say, "We don't like."


Not in the UK, we'd say "we don't like them" in your apples example. "We don't like" is not a complete sentence, although would probably be understood in context, especially if the person was speaking English as their non-native language.


To make this make better sense in Emglish, could you use the Obj. Infix?


The sentence is mot complete. They don't like... What?

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