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Lessons that students do on their mobile phones do not always update on the report sheet

Hello everybody,

I use Duolingo for School for a small project I do with 2 of my classes: each student is supposed to pick a language he/she wants to study, but they also have to join the classroom I create for them. All I need to see is their progress. But one of the students came to me wondering why his mobile app is showing 560XP while on my report I see only 190XP. Isn't the progress supposed to update automatically on my online report (sheet)?

February 22, 2017



The mobile apps have a limited offline capability so you are able to complete lessons while there is no internet connection. However, an internet connection is required in orderto synchronise you progress with the web site.

Whenever studying on the app you should always connect to the web interface to verify it has sync'ed, otherwise there is a chance of losing your progress including any streak you may have.

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