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  5. "Εγώ βλέπω τις γυναίκες."

"Εγώ βλέπω τις γυναίκες."

Translation:I see the women.

February 22, 2017



I just love the flow that Greek has. many languages feel kind of uncomfortable for me to speak, like Chinese, but Greek caught on super quick!


I see that you've been learning Spanish as well. I bet you can see the similarity in accent in some cases. If an English speaker managed to get over the pronunciation differences between their native language and Greek, they could pronounce almost any greek word correctly an drealize how well everything flows when they speak. ^.^


haha, I actually learned Spanish in school and then from natives, I finished the tree in a day or two so that I could tell other people what all they can learn from Duo! :P I still need the stress marks in Greek because it seems like half of the words have the accent in the beginning of the word and the other half has the accent at the end. In Spanish most words have accents on the penultimate syllable which is very natural, the only words I can think of off the top of my head that have accents on the end are the preterite conjugations like "Hablé con la chica ayer" or "Les gustó escuchar su idioma de la boca de un extranjero".


I'm pretty sure it's a general problem even for native speakers to know where the stress is. That's why it is mandatory to write it.


Why is "I am seeing the women" not accepted when I am eating the cheese, τρώω το τυρί, has been ok? Thanks


The verb "to see" is generally used in the Present Simple tense.


Why i have to use τις?


Greek has different words for "the" depending on the gender, number and function of a noun in a sentence. The noun functions as the object of this sentence.


why do u need the εγω there? isn't βλεπω already in the I form?


It's just emphatic.

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