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Swahili audio?

Is it just me or is there no audio on the swahili course? I haven´t heard any voice yet.

February 22, 2017



I know this is redundant but, I, too, am curious about the Swahili progress. Why has nothing been updated in a year?


In fact I have just followed the link as suggested (thanks so much!) and they said that the audio is done and would be ready by June, July latest...but it is December now - have there been problems and will it come soon? I am very keen to learn Swahili on Duolingo but not sure I will continue with no audio - it is SO important to know how to say it! and it helps you learn it to hear it! Thanks so much!


I still don't hear any audio, would that effect my learning abilities?


Frustrating, isn't it?


Seriously... what happened with the audio? They said that it would be ready about 5 months ago. Anyone knows if there's a big problem with the audio files, or with the moderators or whatever? I'm worried :(


Yes exactly!! Where's the audio for Swahili?


That is correct, and similarly there are no speaking exercises. The creators have said there is no audio yet, but it is coming shortly. I don't know when exactly; I asked a similar question in this thread just now, so maybe we'll be able to hear about it more.


No audio in Swahili is extremely disappointing.


I am very aware that Duolingo is a crowdsource app and that contributors have their own lives and things come up like the rest of us but there's been zero follow up about the audio situation for Swahili for almost a year now. I see people in the forum going round and round on this issue with no info coming from Duolingo. How many posts and/or comments before there's at least some info about the situation if not a solution?


I was exited for Swahili. I still am and going through it.. but that audio would help advancement and understanding so much (as everyone is aware)



No audio and a refusal to respond is just one more thing that is putting me off Duolingo. The site is not what it used to be


Depends on the language, I think. Other teams are more responsive in my experience. (You should know that, being an even bigger Duolingo maniac than I am :) )


When a SuperUser who put enough time into your product to reach the highest level on 15 of your classes comments, I'd think Duolingo would want to listen .....


Amazingly, I heard some audio today. The audio was not on every translation, but, an improvement! Asante!


No! Really? Are you serious? I have to check that! :)


Duolingo really needs to add the audio on their Swahili lessons or many will switch to other methods who offer it.


Please make the audio soon!


It has already been made, it just isn't getting added on the side of Duolingo, it seems. I hear it usually takes a long time, but I wouldn't know why.


I just started the Swahili today and found the same thing...and it is 10 months since you wrote this comment! - it really that helpful without the audio! - I hope they sort this soon!!! :)


Not only is there no audio, but it needs huge amounts of editing. Some of the exercises are undoable. I’ve taken some Swahili IRL and have sent lots of questions and feedback and have heard nothing in a long time.


Yay ! At last we have the audio !! I'm not sure exactly when it arrived as I have recently neglected my Swahili which I had been doing daily . New year's resolution day today - one of mine will be to get back to daily Swahili . I seem to have forgotten everything ! :( Happy 2019 everyone .


Very much hope that it's true what I heard about Swahili audio by June.


Oh, me too! Where did you hear this?


I double checked the link to the post and it was written for June 2017, not this coming June 2018. It's like they dropped off the map.


@sallypooh , yes , you're right - there isn't Swahili spoken for every translation , but it's an improvement . Asante , Duo


Funny how the messages aren't in chronological order

[deactivated user]

    Why is Duolingo so silent about this issue? Shame....


    Anyone knows why there still isn't audio?


    I have audio today! Shocked me after 2 months doing Swahili without it.


    Really! Maybe one out four sentences had audio, a male voice.


    I did hear some audio today, I haven’t wanted to work on Swahili due to the lack of verbal supported instruction. Hopefully they will update the program soon. Anyone hear any current information regarding this situation?

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