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Gender of Rehema and Juma

Given that this course is targeted to people unfamiliar with Swahili and where it is spoken, could a section be added to the Intro that describes the gender of the names? And for any future names?

I am trying my best to grasp the basics, but it is annoying when I get an answer wrong because I didn't know the right gender. :)

February 22, 2017



Rehema, Juma, and Emilian are the creators of the Swahili-English course.


Rehema is a woman, and Juma and Emilian are man. I think part of the idea is to get a feeling of local names, and sometimes you get the gender from the context, but not always.


Ah ha! I had not looked at who the course developers were.


Names should have which gender they pertain to in the hints now! :-)


Thank you. :)

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