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  5. "How much is just so much?"

"How much is just so much?"

Translation:Cât de mult este doar atât?

February 22, 2017



Not sure about Romanian, but I think in English you could say "I've got only so much patience with Duolingo's cryptic examples" (meaning limited patience). And I could ask: "How much is 'only so much'?"
Just guessing... :-)


There's not a single hit of this exact sentence in Google (using quotes around it to search verbatim - No results found for "cât de mult este doar atât"), not a one! So, either nobody else in the entire history of the Romanian language ever used this exact combination of words - and Duo is blazing new trails here - or it's of dubious quality. Mmm... I wonder if it should be replaced with something more useful, such as cât de mult e prea mult, "how much is too much".


We (and Duolingo) should probably put the quotation marks around "doar atât" to find it to be a popular albeit vague expression, see https://ro.bab.la/dictionar/romana-engleza/doar-at%C3%A2t

Probably, few Romanian speakers ask this exact question about a commun combination, but we foreigners should definitely try to get the gist of it. I could ask a friend but he would probably be of "just so much" use here :-) Does the latter make sense in English?


What does it it mean?


I have no idea.


Like nf monteiro writes. Take an other sentence. Cât de mult e prea mult..


Prea multe propoziții fără sens ... duolingo are nevoie de angajați mai buni


Can somebody explain why every other word in the place of "doar" wasn't eccepted? I yray with " numai" and "tocmai" which must be sinonims !?

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