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"There are several kilometers to the station."

February 23, 2013



The most common way to say this in Italian would be "Mancano alcuni chilometri alla stazione."

Another would be "Siamo ad alcuni chilometri dalla stazione."

The first sentence would keep the impersonal tone of the English.

"Ci sono parecchi chilometri alla stazione" is not current and correct Italian.


Several in English has a connotation of many, more than a few, more than some. I think the best translations of several are molti, parecchi or diversi and this is found in several dictionaries ;0. It does not have the connotation of a few or some, as does alcuni.


I don't understand ha parecchi that means "many" or " a lot" can be translated as several? can anyone explain?


Duo says now Ci sono alcuni chilometri alla stazione is OK. So what does parecchio mean "a few" or "a lot" or anything you want ti to?


"parecchio" is "a lot", "a good amount" "more than a few". It is a little colloquial, but Italian anyway.

It can be used like "molto", both as adjective and adverb.

In my opinion the translation is anyway bad. Regarding "several", I read somewhere that it means "three or more", so probably "alcuni chilometri" or "un po' di chilometri" would translate better "several kilometers"

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