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"Ο άντρας σου δεν είναι άρρωστος."

Translation:Your husband is not sick.

February 22, 2017



Τελικά καλά νέα για την κυρία!


He needs to stop pretending and get a job!


Can you substitute "σας" for "σου"?


no, sou is more direct and meant for 1 person. Sas wouldn't work in this case

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I'd like to add that "σας" is also correct. "Σας" is the polite form even for one person. We use "σας" for people who are older than us, or who are unknown to us, etc.

There is an alternative translation with: " "Ο άντρας σας δεν είναι άρρωστος."


Why is " ill" not accepted here? To be sick can also mean to throw up (κάνω εμετό).

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"ill" is accepted. Therefore, if your sentence was rejected it was for another reason. But you only give us one word.

We moderators cannot see your sentence therefore before you posted your comment here you should have made a REPORT.

Here's how to report. Go to the bottom of the exercise page where you'll see REPORT Click on that:

Then choose what you want to REPORT: (You'll see these to choose from.) -The audio does not sound correct.

-The dictionary hints on hover are wrong or missing.

-The Greek sentence is unnatural or has an error. -The "Correct solution" is unnatural or has an error.

-My answer should be accepted. This is the one you should click on if your translation was not accepted.

After choosing the REPORT you want to make you should post on the comment page.


Ο Μπογδάνος.... αμέσως να τον ρουφιανέψει τον άνθρωπο. :lol:

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