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  5. "Mashetani wekundu"

"Mashetani wekundu"

Translation:Red devils

February 22, 2017



Shetani comes from Arabic شَيْطَان‎ (šayṭān, "Satan; demon"), cognate with and possible reinterpretation of Hebrew שָׂטָן‎ (śāṭān, "Satan, adversary, opponent"), origin of English Satan.


Didn't notice that before! Now it will be a lot easier to remember this word. I already know шайтан (mostly humorous meaning) from Russian pop-culture.


what does that have to do with this sentence?? And are you sure it comes from the Arabic, and not the Persian?? I think the word was in use in Iran before it was Arab countries. Farsi has many loan words from Arabic, but I believe in this instance, it is a Farsi loan word into the Arabic.


Jina la timu yangu ya mpira wa miguu wa Meksiko ni Mashetani Wekundu ya Toluca.

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Poor Devils... Even Mourinho could not bring back the old days of Sir Alex!


I don't know why it is downvoted.


What exactly are Red Devils? In the old days, that's what Americans called the communists, but I don't know what they'd be in this context. (Spirituality) Are they a class apart from demons and djinns?


I think they just mean the little cartoon type devils, rather than anything with much spiritual significance.

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