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  5. "The glass contains water."

"The glass contains water."

Translation:Le verre contient de l'eau.

February 23, 2013



can we use d'eau instead of de l'eau


yeah I keep asking waiter's for "un verre de l'eau" and they are all like "QUOI?...... ohhh un verre D'EAU"

However in this case it looks like it needs to be "le verre contient DE L'eau" because it's the 'partive', i.e. in English, you can add 'some' "the glass contains (some) water" but in french it's necessary to have de + article. in the other case, "glass of water" "verre d'eau" de is a preposition, you would never say "a glass of some water".

anyway that's what this article inclines me to believe...

see here http://french.stackexchange.com/questions/1556/usage-of-deau-vs-de-leau

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