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  5. "Grandmother is a Tanzanian"

"Grandmother is a Tanzanian"

Translation:Bibi ni Mtanzania

February 22, 2017



it is supposed to be nyanya, or include other countries


Nyanya works if you are in Kenya, but in Tanzania (and this course is oriented toward Tanzania) nyanya means 'tomato'!! There are MANY differences in the swahili spoken in Tanzania and Kenya. Also, 'bibi' which here means 'grandmother' actually means 'miss' in Kenya.


Oddly, nyanya also means tomato in Kenya. :)


Weird, I thought tomato was nyenye, and bibi meant wife/girlfriend.


I am not sure about now, but in the past, in Kenya, "bibi" was sometimes associated with prostitutes and so often avoided at all.


It's not nyenye, but nyanya for grandmother. Accents might seem to change it to nyenye. Bibi isn't used widely as 'miss', but rather (in Kenya at least) bibi is shortened to bi LASTNAME, like Bi Smith to say 'mrs Smith'. Swahili is really tricky to learn with all the regional differences, lazy attitude towards it's grammar among native speakers, and sheng (english mixed with swahili).


So, which reginoal culture are we learning in this course? Seems Tanzanian, but is it used consistently?


Bibi is Grandfather


How do you say Spain.


Mhispania is for somebody from Spain.


This course is Tanzanian, but I live in Kenya so I cannot say whether or not it is consistent throughout Tanzania. In Kenya it is not, as the coastal area close to Tanzania speaks really proper Swahili, whereas there are so so so many abbreviations, mistakes, bad grammar and Sheng in Nairobi.


i say nyanya so you guys should add the option for kenya. Bibi means wife in kenya. Just add as an option because technically it is correct but just dialect difference


Kenya swap words round with Tanzania that why its different

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