"Every big city has a train station."

Translation:Кожне велике місто має вокзал.

February 23, 2017

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Does У кожного великого мiста є вокзал work?

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Living all my life in Ukraine, I have never heard somebody saying "місто має вокзал". That's an artificial frase, nobody uses it. "У місті є вокзал" is the only correct and real form.


Вокзал refers more to a station without specifying what kind it is. It can be bus or train station. I think here Ukrainian translation should say "залізничний вокзал".


Can't кожен be used here?

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    No. Кожен is masculine form, кожна is feminine, кожне is neuter, and кожні is plural.

    Since місто is neuter, it should be кожне велике місто.

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