"Who is Emilian?"

Translation:Emilian ni nani?

February 23, 2017

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Read directly in Japanese, this would be ”エミリアンに何?" which literally means "What to Emilian?"


NANDA KOREWA ?!?!?! (might be terribly wrong; havent watched anime in quite awhile and still a rookie in Japanese Duolingo)


According to the correct word order how would "Nani ni Emilian?" translate? And is it really so wrong to change the word order like that in Swahili, how badly does it mess up the message?


It would be like saying "Emilian is who?". It's the reverse of English.


This is SO FRUSTRATING! I have the correct words in the wrong word order. The correction should read “incorrect word order” if that is the mistake so that is the focus, instead of ‘wrong word’ which does not facilitate improvement of the error. Someone please tell Duolingo to put an intro to Sentence Structure in the Intro section!


That would definitely be helpful, although remembering "Emilian ni nani" instead of "Nani ni Emilian" is pretty simple. Also, Duolingo does not personally manage the languages offered. Instead, volunteers apply to contribute to a course. So please try contacting one of them (I don't have any info readily available, sorry, so find them on your own) instead of directing your complaints to the void of the comment section.


Robbadob is right, we enter possible translations and that's about it. We have no control over what message is displayed if the answer is wrong or almost correct. Plus if I'm not mistaken you will see the correct answer displayed and you get a chance to answer it again, so I'm not sure that function would be necessary


The order is so hard to Translate!


I think that the direct translation to english is in a different order just like many other languages! I got this question wrong because of that.


IPA: /ɛmili'ɑn ni nani/

Sorry for the sort of inconsistent transcriptions, I'm learning too.

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