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Skill Point System

Only a suggestion...

Couldn't the users who give useful information regarding some language topic be given points as well? Helping other users should be rewarded as well, and it would encourage and help the people to be more social... As I often say, the social part of this site could be improved, and maybe we can do it with small baby steps.

February 23, 2013



We've considered this quite a bit, and even tried it for a while but the way we did it was lame :(

We have a few more ideas, so hopefully over the next few weeks/months the site will become more social.


Thanks, Luis, I didn't know! I am pretty new here! :)

I tend to complain and give my opinions because I see huge potential here! Otherwise I wouldn't be on this site so often. ;)


Your suggestions and comments are very useful! :)

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