I finished the Spanish

Hello!! I made it to the end of my Spanish (the end of duolingo) and I'm only 11% fluent! How do I keep going? Are there more subjects to cover or do I just keep practicing?!?!

February 23, 2017


The fluency meter gets mentioned a lot in these forums. The consensus is that it seems to be designed to motivate us to study, rather than as a measure of actual fluency.

It seems to be based on how much of the tree you have learned, and how secure that knowledge is. Broadly speaking, if your tree is gold, your fluency percentage will be higher than if it isn't. The longer the tree has been gold, the higher the percentage will be.

It seems to max out at about 60%. That's probably realistic - Duolingo is for the first stage of learning a language.

There's some more info here:

After finishing the tree, keep the tree gold for a bit, to let Duolingo's spaced repetition algorithms help you revise the stuff you've learned. At the same time, start reading Spanish children's books, and listening to children's radio programs. If you can get a book and audiobook of the same thing, that can really help to improve both your reading and your listening skills.

A lot of people on these forums recommend using Memrise courses to expand your vocabulary, and Lang-8 for improving your writing skills.

You'll probably also want to find someone to speak Spanish with. Have a look at this post about how to find language exchange partners: There are links to some useful websites on there. Don't miss DamedesLangues's comment, which has links to more sites.

It's also worth looking on the Multilingual learning resources page on the Duolingo Wiki.

February 23, 2017

Congratulations! When I finished my Spanish and German trees, I continued strengthening skills and worked to keep the trees golden until I reached Level 25. However, as I've finished other trees, I have chosen to move on to a new language.

February 23, 2017

Congratz! Just ignore the fluence thing. It seems to move on its own accord

February 23, 2017
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