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Swahili Duolingo Discord or Slack group?

I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a Swahili Discord or Slack group? If so, I'd like to join...if not, perhaps one could be created? I know for Danish, we have a Slack group and Norwegian we have a Discord group, and they have been helpful, imo.

Edit: Turns out there is a Discord group for Swahili. You can join here: https://discord.gg/w42FYxY

For those unfamiliar, Discord is similar to Skype but so much better.

February 23, 2017



I have never use neither Discord nor Slack, but it sounds like a good idea! If you make a group, please notify me, so I can join it!


I have a Swahili discord invite, would you want the invite?


Do you mind if I put the invite link in the original post?


Yeah, you can put it in the original post!


Yes, I have a Swahili discord if you want the invite. There is also a general Discord for Duolingo in general, which is more active than the Swahili one.


Well, now that the Swahili course is out, maybe we can make it more active?


What is a discord or slack group?


It's similar to Skype but sooooo much better. Like 100x better. There are differences between Slack and Discord, the main one being Discord offers voice channels where you can do voice calls. Slack does not have that option.


Could I join the Norwegian Discord group?


Here's the link to the Norwegian Discord:


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