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A Great Introduction to the Language...

Well, I must say that that was a fantastic first contact with the Swahili language. I enjoyed learning a few of the basics and I am sure I will now be able recognise some aspects when I come into contact with the language in the world.

For now, due to other pressing studies and work, I will let this language simmer indefinitely within my mind.

I will return to it one day (probably at the end of this year). Hopefully the audio will be added and the course will have graduate the Beta phase by then. Thank you to the course contributors and all parties involved for all the diligent work that was put into this course. It is greatly appreciated!

February 23, 2017

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Love to see the positive feedback! We're looking forward to processing all the reports and making sure the text exercises are polished up as we work to add the audio exercises :-)!

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