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"I give a cupcake to the grandmother."

Translation:Eu îi dau o prăjitură bunicii.

February 23, 2017



I am shown "Eu dau o prăjitură bunicii. " as a correct answer. Can the personal pronoun "îi" really be omitted here? (I thought it was mandatory in dative clauses with persons.) Very grateful for an explanation!


I was wondering the same question. All this time, I was thinking that the first dative pronouns like îi were mandatory?


Now (Mai 2019) the answer is with "îi".


I don't understand why my answer is wrong. Couldn't "la" be "to" and "bunica" "the grandmother"

[deactivated user]

    In romanian, you translate "to the grandmother" with the dative case. For "bunică", the dative would be "bunicii". "la bunică" would sound very unnatural to a native speaker


    Thank you for the explanation :)


    My answer " Eu îi dau bunicei o prăjitură" is marked as correct... But I suppose it isn't....

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