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Loving the Romanian course, but I just notice that over the last couple over the last couple of days, when I review a lesson, it doesn't go back to gold colour again.

Also, it has generally started degenerating much less quickly. Before, about 4-5 per day would loose their gold colour, now it's almost none. Actually I thought that so many were quite hard to keep up with, but I would like my classes to go back to full power after I practice if possible.

It's "Household", "Sensations", and "Reflexive" which don't seem to go back to gold, no matter what I do.

Maybe a good rate for degeneration would be about 2-3 per day, to keep reviewing, but not over'whelming.. Or maybe there could be a setting in Duolingo for the user to decide on that rate.

Thanks again, Duolingo is an incredible tool!


February 23, 2017

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It feels to me that sometimes skills "fade" with the same speed you work on them.

Say, if 10 days ago (just for example I take 10), you worked hard on weekends and learned 5 skills, then at some point in present all these 5 skills fade at the same time (given you got them the same day and equal amount of time passed since that moment so all of them require strengthening).

Say, today is Saturday, I remember I worked really hard couple of weeks ago on Saturday (> 300 XP), today I have 7 skills faded, even though yesterday I had to strengthen only 2 :-)

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