Thank you

I simply wanted to say thank you for a wonderful and exciting way to learn a language. I nominate the team for a Nobel Prize for bringing the countries of the world closer together through language and understanding. As a retired teacher, I feel this type of learning system will be the model of the future for many types of learning. Many thanks also to all of your sponsors and donors. Their contributions are greatly appreciated. Perhaps you could set up an area for the users to donate if they wish. I would be one who would like to help in a small way. Merci beaucoup!!!!!!1

February 23, 2013


Thank you from the Duolingo team :) We work very hard to make this the best site ever!

This IS the best site ever to me:) Merci beaucuop!

Sí, no está nada mal :-p

I agree. This is like a dream come true. I have no access to language learning where I Iive so this is so wonderful for me. I am learning French everyday and love it. I'm a beginner, but enjoy all that I can learn no matter how slowly I pick it up. I also love all the comments as those really help my learning.

Very exciting indeed. Eu love learning Portuguese

Started learning Spanish 3 days ago and it has been a blast. You actually created a learning tool that is fun to use (got to grind that virtual exp).

great site, amazing way to learn a language! i want an app for my android!!

I've done so many language programs over the years. This is my favorite one, it is the perfect system with rewards and emails to keep me committed.

This is amazing so thank you! I love using this app and site

I have also enjoyed the site and try to get on everyday!

I agree with adding a 'Donate' button.

It's an interesting way to study language.

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