how to get lessons to stick

i'm really close to finishing my spanish tree. the thing is... i hardly remember anything. can anyone give me tips on how to remember what i've learned? i know strengthening skills is good practice, but if anyone can provide more insight than that, that would be nice.

February 23, 2017


Memrise has a Spanish course that contains all the words we use in Duolingo Spanish lessons called "Duolingo Spanish Vocabulary" . Here is the link: I find Memrise very useful and Tinycards useful as well. Ps. I will also recomend 2 other courses from Memrise: and

February 23, 2017

Timed practice. Lots of timed practice. I have found it helps move passively recognized words into active memory (in part just because you don't have time to overthink things so you're forced to just use words and make the necessary mistakes).

Of course, strengthening more generally, and don't feel limited to Duo's pokey spaced repetition if you don't feel like it. There plenty of value in strengthening skills that Duo shows you as gold. Think of yourself as close to having glanced at all the lessons. That's very different than "finishing the tree." There are thousands of Duo sentences you haven't even seen yet.

The more modes you use the more connections in your brain. So write any word you don't know then say it out loud and draw a picture of it the funnier the picture the more likely you are to remember

Duolingo uses a spaced repetition approach. It shows you things you've learned at times that will most help them stick in your head. If you keep the tree gold, you'll find it works really well.

You need to find other ways to put your Spanish skills to use. Reading Spanish websites, speaking in Spanish, etc.

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    I do not learn by listening to sentences or by only reading them. So, I have to write down every sentence I read or hear, print the text and keep them in a binder, and review them as I strengthen the lessons or skills. I also need to associate the names of objects or people with pictures or drawings and so forth. If I watch a movie or a youtube clip , it helps me remember the vocabulary. And so forth.

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