Deleting my account (not just deactivating it)

How do I delete my account all together? I do not want to simply deactivate it. Thanks!

1 year ago


There must be a way to delete your account, since it appears in the Duolingo Privacy page:


You have at all times the right to delete your account with Duolingo by following the instructions available through the Service. After your account is deleted we will retain aggregate or anonymous data collected through the Service, including Activity Data, which may be used by Duolingo and shared with third parties in any manner. Information associated with the Duolingo English Test, including examination results and your Testing Video, may be collectively deleted from your Duolingo account, but anonymized examination data, including your examination results and Testing Video, may be kept indefinitely by Duolingo to improve the examination and for research and analysis.

1 year ago
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I don't think you can completely delete it. If you don't want any information of you to be "left behind" you could change your details (email etc.) in your account before deactivating it. Though if you ever want to come back that might lead to issues if you forget your password etc..

1 year ago

Thank you for the advice. I might have to do this.... but I think it is pretty bad that we don't have the option to delete everything...

1 year ago

Why do you want to delete it???????

1 year ago
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