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  5. "Emilian ni mkulima mbaya."

"Emilian ni mkulima mbaya."

Translation:Emilian is a bad farmer.

February 23, 2017



Would "Emilian is the bad farmer" be an incorrect translation of this sentence? It isn't accepted.


Yeah, if you've already talked about a bad farmer, that would be the logical interpretation. To stress it in Swahili, you could say Emilian ni mkulima huyo mbaya. Huyo is more like "that" than "the", it's a bit more emphatic, but this form of it is often used for aforementioned people rather than people who you can actually point to, so it's like an emphatic "the" in a way.


Why is "Emilian is an ugly farmer" wrong? The hover hints give both ugly and bad as translations for mbaya


I am giving the correct answer and it is saying I am wrong

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