"Secondo me arriva sesto."

Translation:According to me he will arrive sixth.

February 23, 2013

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"According to me he will arrive sixth" is given as a correct answer but I don't see anything that puts this in the future tense so is this answer incorrect or am I missing something?


Sometimes in Italian the present tense is used to indicate that something will happen in the near future, or to emphasize certainty. This can be compared to the use of the present progressive in English when speaking of future events.

  • "I am going to school tomorrow/Vado a scuola domani"
  • "I am eating the steak this evening/Mangio la bistecca stasera"


Then Duo should accept present tense in English :)


how do you know it is "he" who comes in sixth? If it were "she' would it be sesta?


Could this also mean "According to me he came sixth"?


I'm pretty sure that would be "secondo me รจ arrivato sesto"


The voice recognition is "working" in a strange manner: when I pronounce correctly (no matter the frequency) it's rejecting my answer and when I don't say anything it accepts the silence as a valid answer. :D I think that the latest DL release has the worst voice recognition compared to the previous ones. Any other opinion? Grazie!


Why doesn't 'Secondo me ' mean 'seems to me' ?


"according to me" is the most accurate translation of "secondo me". It would be "it seems to me that he comes sixth" if the sentence were "mi sembra che arriva sesto". The difference between the two is tiny, but I think it's still nice if we learn it.

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