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  5. "Το βιβλίο διαβάζεται."

"Το βιβλίο διαβάζεται."

Translation:The book is read.

February 23, 2017



"Το βιβλίο διαβάζεται" should be "The book is readable."

"The book is read" would be "Το βιβλίο είναι διαβασμένο."


I think:
διαβασμένος has the meaning of well-read readable would be ευανάγνωστος, αξιανάγνωστος



Το βιβλίο διαβάζεται" should be "The book is readable."

Could be, along with "The book is being read", if we try to make the sentence of this exercise a bit better.

The book is read" would be "Το βιβλίο είναι διαβασμένο."

Actually, you're more likely to hear "Το βιβλίο το έχω διαβασμένο" (literally, "The book, I have it read", if we still try to use the participle, that is).


Thank you for mentioning "το έχω διαβαζένο" as each time I have heard/read this structure it has struck me as odd that το έχω διαβάσει was not used instead.


Can this also mean "the book is being read"?


Yes, Greek distinguish Present Continuous and Present Simple only by context.


I got the impression from some other examples that passive can be interpreted as "can be ___", e.g.

το νερό πίνεται = the water is drinkable το φαγητό τρώγεται = the food is edible

Can Το βιβλίο διαβάζεται be translated as "the book is legible"?

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