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British English oh vs zero

Hello BE natives and experts!

First of all, I've only booked the English course, so that I can place my English related linguistic issues in the English learning section, as civilised people would do.

Back in the days when I was still in school, I've learnt both mentioned terms for "0". The teacher explained that "oh" was more british and becomes more and more replaced by zero. I've also learnt that "oh" is used for number sequences, such as telephone numbers.

1) Is that correct?

Some decades later, during my professional training, my English teacher couldn't explain when exactly to use the one or the other term and recommended always using "zero" in a business context.

2) Could you tell me when to use which, please? (I do not use English in a business context any more.)

Thank you.

(hm, maybe I'm going to finish the English course just for fun and catching up some early gaps.)

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