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  5. "Wanafunzi wanafanya usafi"

"Wanafunzi wanafanya usafi"

Translation:Students are cleaning

February 23, 2017



It should be something like "The students are cleaning up". Reported 2018-01-09


I agree with you. Doing cleanliness sounds strange


I am not sure what they mean with the English translation. "The students are cleaning"?


yeah. the english version is too literal. They say "kufanya usafi" a lot in TZ but in really just means cleaning up.


Oh, I assumed that they were studyiing cleanliness or "health and hygiene" as it would be called in English schools. If the sentence means that they were cleaning up, then the sentence is definitely incorrect


The students are doing cleanliness is not correct English tense. The students are cleaning up or they are doing the cleaning should be the correct answer. Kufanya usafi is cleaning


I had no idea what this sentence meant when I first saw it. I thought maybe "The students practice good hygiene" but now I find out it is a way of saying, rather indirectly :) , that the students are cleaning up. Kweli elimu haina mwisho.


This should be translated Students are doing cleaning.


As someone who IS a teacher at a school in Tanzania, I disagree that "the students are doing cleanliness" shouldn't be accepted. This is how it is said in Tanzanian English. Everyone here uses the phrase. In the context of a boarding school, it's usually referring to a period of time in which all the students are required to be cleaning their assigned parts of the campus.

The other translations ("the students are cleaning", etc.) should be accepted as well, but "the students are doing cleanliness" is exactly how it's translated into English here in Tanzania.

For me, when learning a language, it's much more helpful to translate literally, even if it sounds awkward in English, because it helps me to get the rhythm of the new language by seeing the word order and expressions in English. I wish duolingo allowed this more.


I wrote "The students are doing the cleaning." which I feel is a good compromise between the literal translation and the implied meaning. Currently, that answer is not accepted. 2020-6-10

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