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  5. "Οι ιδέες του δομισμού."

"Οι ιδέες του δομισμού."

Translation:The ideas of structuralism.

February 23, 2017



Synonymous to στρουκτρουραλισμός or εποικοδομισμός


This lesson is full of words you will never use. If you need them, look them up in the dictionary, but for a casual Greek learner this is useless. I don't learn what asparagus or broccoli mean, but i learn "δομισμός", which is not even in PONS dictionary. Seriously guys, if there were not only 2 more lessons to go, i would stop right here.


Well, consider -- you can find in a dictionary words like δομικός = structural, and δομή = structure, fabric -- and they are clearly related in meaning to δομισμός -- if one is alert, one can observe many similarities between Greek and English morphology, especially for English words which originated in Greek --


Although I think it makes sense to teach words related to things important to Greek heritage, like mythology, religion, and philosophy, even though they might be more academic. Granted I'm not sure structuralism was the best choice, but whatevs.


This lesson, and notably this sentence, are anomalies because of the inclusion of terminology too specialized for an English speaker who does not have an extreme classical or philosophical education. That inevitably draws our attention to essential everyday language we wish had been covered by the course. I'm sure each of us has candidates. Mine include botany, shopping, more geography, more verbs, more adjectives, more adverbs, more prepositions. Perhaps the terminological depth of this lesson is an homage to classical Greek. Or here at the end of road, perhaps Duolingo has thrown down a challenge in teasing apart important Greek grammatical elements in a confusing milieu of language formidable even in the student's native tongue. At least, that has made for some interesting puzzle-solving.

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