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  5. "Είκοσι ζώα."

"Είκοσι ζώα."

Translation:Twenty animals.

February 24, 2017



FYI (reported) "20 animals" is accepted for this question but not for "11 girls" question ... and other similar questions in this lesson. There needs to be consistency across the whole lesson.


is there a problem with the pronunciation of ζώα? I can't hear the a


I played this one both in low and regular speed in the incubator, and it sounds fine to me:/ Maybe the fact that the α is pronounced a bit more "softly", is what's throwing you off?


nope...i hear it cut off at the omega :( weird! maybe it's my ears and the a is soft?


It's really, really faint. I get your confusion. It's so faint that it's barely audible in regular speed. ._. I'm not sure if we can fix the sound, but chances are that we can't.:/ Thank you for reporting it, though. ^.^


It is not audible at all, neither normal nor slow, on my phone. I have this problem a lot; the pronunciation is simply unreliable. I don't remember the word — consonant-ερι-consonant was pronounced consonant-uh-consonant. Ψηλά was almost ψλα; there is sort of a vowel there, but it is impossible to tell what vowel it was supposed to be. Other times, extra vowels are added. The most obvious is με, which is consistently pronounced ούμε — not only an extra vowel, but with exaggerated stress. Don't even get me started on stress; much of the time, words are pronounced with so little stress that it is all but impossible to figure out where the tonos belongs, and some are flat-out wrong — από and εγώ are clearly pronounced άπο and έγω. I could go on and on. I realise this is something you probably can't fix, but almost every listening exercise becomes an exercise in frustration.


It's inaudible yes, but of course if there are twenty animals, we know we need a plural noun! It was puzzling though.

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