"Főzted vagy sütötted a húst?"

Translation:Did you boil or roast the meat?

February 24, 2017



This is tricky in English. You can't contrast cooking and baking when you talk about meat in English. Főz probably needs to be translated as "stew" and süt by "roast." Cooking is just "készít, so however you prepare it, you are cooking it. I'm guessing this question means "Did you cook the meat on the stove or bake it in the oven?" You can also achieve that by translating it "Did you stew or roast the meat?" Reported.

February 24, 2017


Baking IS cooking - so this doesn't make sense in English. And you rarely, if ever, bake meat. Should be "Did you boil or roast/braise/fry the meat" (any verb except "bake").

October 16, 2017


Seeing that list of cooking methods I added some, and tried to find the Hungarian words. I tried my best, but while there are a lot of European and "exotic" Asian links in wikipedia, Hungarian is almost nowhere to be found as one of the alternative languages. (Anyone, please correct or add stuff)

English/ German/ Hungarian.
Cook/ kochen/ főz. (heat involved)
Prepare/ zubereiten/ készít. (cooking + cold soups, cold desserts, salads)

Bake/ backen/ süt, sül.
Braile/ "smoke"grillen?/ ???
Boil/ kochen/ főz.
Grill/ grillen/ roston süt, grillsütőben süt.
Braise/ braisieren, schmoren/ párol, dinsztel, fő, sül, ég.
Barbecue/ see grill/ see grill.
Roast/ braten, rösten/ pirít (kenyér), pörköl (kávé).
Fry/ braten/ süt, sül.
Deep fry/ frittieren, ausbacken/ süt.
Saute/ sautieren, anbraten/ odaég, füzet fog.
Stewing/ dünsten, schmoren/ párol, dinsztel.
Fricasse/ frikassieren (Frikasse, Ragout oder Gulasch zubereiten)/ ragu, becsinált, gulyás készít???
Steam/ dampfgaren/ párol, gőzöl.
Flambé/ flambieren/ flambíroz (ételre alkoholt önteni és meggyújtani)
Blanche/ blanchieren/ (forró vízben heját lehúzni)
Smoke/ räuchern, selchen/ füstöl.
Brew/ brauen/ (sört)főz.
Distill/ destillieren, brennen/ párol, pálinkafőzes.
Poach/ pochieren/ sós v. ecetes vízben főz.
Toast/ toasten/ pirít.

September 24, 2018


quite frustrating, whilst 'bake' is one of their two suggestions, it is not accepted. How can one guess which of their suggestions they accept?!?

February 1, 2019


You have to consider what you'd usually say in English. I don't thing you ever "bake" meat. You usually "roast" it when putting it in the oven or "fry" it in a pan.

February 1, 2019


Same here, I used their suggestions cook & bake, not accepted

February 22, 2019


Your explanation is helpful. I think there are many ways you could ask that, to be honest.

February 27, 2017
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