"Mama umelalaje?"

Translation:How did you sleep mom?

February 24, 2017

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Kulala = to sleep; Kuamka = to wake up


Also, if we will be marked incorrect for word order (How was your sleep mother?), perhaps the sentence should be "Umelalaje mama?", since all of the preceding sentences have placed the person to whom the sentence is being directed at the end (i.e. "Habari ni nyumbani bibi?" -How is your home, grandmother?").


LordMansaMusa: You have translated 'is' as verb to be where is = ni. In this sentence you should have translated in a phrase level. If you say George is a teacher = George ni mwalimu.

If you translated 'how is' directly you would get Kukoje au pakoje

How is the home? = Nyumbani kukoje = Nyumbani pakoje which also means habari za nyumbani because is = ko; is = po

You may also get Kupoje? Papoje? where ku and pa are Place markers.

Nyumbani kupoje? Nyumbani papoje in terms of information not designs

But in sentences like: Umelalaje, Umefanyaje, Umeshindwaje, Umeonaje they are translated as follows:

First of all the word umelalaje looks like a single word for English native speakers but in fact is made up of three parts of speech as follows:

Wewe u = You;;; me= have (Present Perfect);;; lala = sleep;;; je = how;;; aje = how; normally shortened to je.

Wewe u-me-lala-aje

Wewe mama u-me-lala-aje? If you use Past Tense in Swahili ulilalaje? That is very long time ago.

Swahilis use Present Perfect while English speakers use Past Tense as follows

How did you see? = Umeonaje/Ulionaje? How did you do? = Umefanyaje? How did you fail? Umeshindwaje? How did you cook? Umepikaje?


LordMansaMusa, Never translate greetings and similar conversation literally. How did you sleep mom is translated as Mama umelalaje, you may also say umelalaje mama. No difference unless you are splitting hair. Mom = Mama NOT Bibi. Although the sentence in English is in Past Tense but the common usable tense in Swahili is Present Perfect because Swahilis greet their mothers/moms immediately in the morning after they wake up so for them [Swahili] there is need to use Past Tense where there is a Present Perfect for the same present timeframe in the same morning. Again, do not confuse between mama and bibi. In Professional Swahili Grammar. Bibi = grandmother and Mrs = bibi for example Mrs. Trump = Bibi Trump. Mom can never be translated as Bibi.

And How did you sleep mom = Mama umelalaje because Swahilis place nouns before anything else and umelalaje mama is also correct as well.

How is your home, grandmother = Habari za nyumbani bibi NOT Habari ni nyumbani bibi.

The reason of asking how is your home is to get information about the patricular home where this information is habari/taarifa in Swahili.


We might be able to assume that your answer was marked incorrect not because of word order, but word choice: "How did you sleep?" vs. "How was your sleep?".


Mama umelalaje is Present Perfect


Words order, "Mother how did you sleep" marked wrong. I am confused.


"Mom, how did you sleep?" was marked correct, so either it was fixed or they forgot to add the sentence with "mother" as a translation.


Present Perfect Tense not Past Tense


Is this a common thing Swahili speakers ask each other?


Yes. It is common and correct but it is bad manners to start using this greeting before saying Shikamoo Mama. After you say Shikamoo mama, you may go on say Umelalaje mama?


It seem's that one will be marked incorrect for word order (How was your sleep mother?) (Mother, how did you?)
was the sentence "Umelalaje mama?", since all other preceding sentences have the person to whom the sentence is being directed at the end.


how did you ask a yes/no question? I mean, how do you say "mom, have you slept?"? I thought that this is the job of "je"


A few issues with this one. Did someone translate "sleep" from another language and accidentally get "lay or lie" in the translation?

Because "umelala" according to a Swahili dictionary is "to lie", which makes sense when you perform a Google image search and see a few political cartoons, "lying" seems about right.

However, from what I can gather, "umeamkaje" seems to be a popular choice for this sentence.

Although "lala Salama" shows up for "sleep well", so I could be wrong. I will write both of these down with one as alternative.


Careful, couldn't a political cartoon do a play on words? You do lie down to sleep after all.


"umelalaje" cannot be directly translated to English the way that has been tried here. it would translate to "how was you night" the same with "umeamukaje". Because it is not referring to the process of sleeping or the process of working up but how the person fared during the night


is this the same thing as "did/could you sleep well?"


why can't you say "Mother Did you sleep well?"


Lala as sleeping origions from persian


it should be ok to say have slept because it is uMElalaje


How do i access gems when i run out of hearts? Thanks


And what is with umeankaje??


How have you slept is not right??


How did you sleep mother is wrong?

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