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"Turen til hotellet er muligvis virkelig dyr."

Translation:The trip to the hotel is possibly really expensive.

February 24, 2017



Why can't 'very' and 'really' be used interchangeably?


I have wondered that for a year and get it wrong almost every time. The definition for really: "very; thoroughly". The definition for very: "used for emphasis". In other words, they are interchangeable in English.


They are interchangeable in many situations, but not all.

It is very tough to pinpoint the exact difference between the two or when you should use one over the other (no one would notice like, 95% of the time), but there are cases where you would use one but not the other. For example, "I really like that" vs. "I very like it" (you wouldn't say the latter).


They are interchangeable everywhere I've been but the Danish owl seems to be virkelig picky.


"muligvis" looool transport til hotellet er virkelig dyr altid i hver by


What's the difference between "virkelig" and "rigtig"?

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