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My avatar has disappeared?

Hi, My avatar has just disappeared, for no reason that I can work out, so I'm now a blue face instead of a photo of me. Do they expire or is this a bug of some sort, or has it been accidentally deleted during siteworks?

-Edit: it's three or four days later, and my avatar is back now today as if it never left. I'm using Chrome, Windows 7.

March 7, 2014



Hi tiki19, what operating system and browser are you using? (For example, I'm using Windows7/Firefox.)

Also, have you tried putting your icon/avatar back up yet?

PS They don't expire that I'm aware of.


Hey there! They don't expire. Can you try adding a new avatar in your settings? Also, as Usagiboy7 mentioned can you please share your browser info? Thanks!


Chrome, Windows 7. Though it no longer seems to be a problem. Thanks for the replies!

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