"Asubuhi njema kaka"

Translation:Good morning, brother

February 24, 2017

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Asubuhi makes me think of the Japanese word asa (morning).

... well, actually, it made me think more of Asahi Shimbun (the "Morning Sun Newspaper", a popular newspaper in Japan)


That is very interesting. The word actually comes from Arabic "as-subh", meaning "the morning". It's cool how words are similar through languages.


Arabic and Japanese are completely unrelated to each other. Outside of direct borrowings, any similarities are entirely coincidental.


Yes, I know that. That is why is said "The word actually comes from".


Have a good morning, brother = asubhui njema kaka Have a good afternoon, sister = mchana mwema dada

The prefixes 'nj' and 'mw' - do they change because of the gender (brother vs sister), or the difference between morning and afternoon?


They change because of the difference between morning and afternoon. In Swahili, each noun belongs to a different noun class and the noun class it belongs to decides the prefix of the adjective describing it. The words "asubuhi" and "mchana" belong to different noun classes and thus, the adjectives take different prefixes.


Thank you very much for your reply. :) Fascinating that afternoon and morning are not in the same noun class despite both being 'times' of the day!


Fascinating, yes; however, not usual at all. You are studying Spanish, for example. Look at the example below, where the gender changed despite both being times of the day.

buenos días -- good morning buenas noches -- good evening


Interesting note. The reason might be because "asubuhi" is a borrowed word from Arabic


Thank you! I wondered, also!


When would you use "Habari za asubuhi" instead to mean "good morning"?


In East African culture, you would use "habari za asubuhi" much more frequently than "asubuhi njema," especially as a greeting. Perhaps you see someone on the street in the morning, the first thing you would say to them is "habari za asubuhi." "Asubuhi njema" would be used more frequently when leaving a conversation: "Bye. Have a good morning!" I have never heard someone start a conversation or greeting with "asubuhi njema."


habari za asubuhi = How is the morning?


I think, "Asubuhi njema" is more of a greeting, whereas "Habari za asubuhi" is a question. It can also mean good morning, but you simultaneously ask how that person's morning has been so far as well. I think, I'm not sure. I'm new to this :)


I seem to picking this language up pretty fast and it seems easy because the pronunciation is similar to the English alphabet. I've always loved Swahili language and tried to learn on my own years ago but the only word that stuck was baba and till this day my son calls his dad baba! :) I really appreciate the comment section because the replies help to better understand the proper usage of words. Habari ya asubuhi vs asubuhi njema was confusing! If I want to greet someone, it would be proper to say habari ya asubuhi!


Asubuhi nzuri? Is that possible? If not please I wait for a response


how many words for "good" are there?


I think they meant in Swahili.


Is this a greeting, or a goodbye?


It's more commonly used as a goodbye.


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What's the difference between "mwema" and "njema"?


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