Is there a reason we can't refresh all or multiple categories at once in the language tree?

When refreshing a finished language tree why can't we have an option to refresh all of them at once or each of the language groups at once the same way we could test out of the sections? It feels kind of obnoxious to have to test each individual section again rather than to have an option to do a daily quiz that covers the overall things. I'd actually pay lingots so that I didn't have to test that way...

February 24, 2017


If you do "Strengthening Skills" this will refresh the tree, though it refreshes from the earlier lessons first.

February 24, 2017

It is simple. The reason is that the developers have designed the "Strengthen skills" button wrong :-)

It will refresh 1 skill only, most of the times.

In some very rare cases it may refresh 2-3 skills at once (even when 2 skills have been strengthened just before), but not like Iom_Korvo want's to have it, to refresh multiple skills with only 1-2/3 bar strength.

So to refresh ~11 skills, you might have to press the button 21 times!!!
Questions are also NOT mixed on (all) your weak words or words across multiple skills.

This was already discussed in more detail here:

I tested it personally trying to strengthen 11 skills at the same time.
I was NOT successful in doing so and I had to do it sequentially and for some times I even had to do 2-3 excercises to strengthen ONE skill.

So strengthening back a tree can be quite time consuming as the "Strengthen skills" button is designed right now.

That seems right to me. If as many as eleven skills need refreshing from low strengths you need to put in some work, I just though (s)/he wanted to keep on top of skills which had only recently lost gold strength. I have found it will quite often refresh 2 skills (which have just recently lost gold strength) with one practice on strengthening skills. The reason I use it is because it does include questions from more than one skill so is not as boring as you don't have to keep repeating the very basic skills to keep them gold. Although I think it would be a good idea to have an option to regild skills at each check point where you have the option of testing out when you first complete the tree.

It used to work differently. A "Strengthen Skills" session would include questions from more than one Skill.

Have they changed anything in the last 6-12++ month?

I agree; another issue I am having is that if I just practice once a day, the way the skill tree decreases is that it takes over a month more than a month to actually strengthen the whole tree and by the time I make progress in one area the previous ones start to decrease in strength. The biggest problem isn't so much that I want to see everything golden is that if you click the test button it will pick the most recently decreased branch, even if you just did that one. So I don't get to practice the skills I need unless I individually click them, but when I do that I have to test multiple times as opposed to just one per branch. At this point Duolingo has become great for introducing me; but it's not great as a means of maintaining actual skills once actually acquired -if- you are using the language beyond duolingo. There's also no real way to test out if you started a language ex. Norwegian in duolingo, left duolingo, learned it elsewhere, came back and decided to do another placement test; you're stuck where the first placement test put you and have to level up each branch on it's own.

I definitely believe it's a design flaw as I can't see a reason behind this.

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