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  5. "Koppene er tomme."

"Koppene er tomme."

Translation:The cups are empty.

February 24, 2017



It sounds like 'tåmme' here, but it should be 'tomme', right?


I thought she said "Kattene er tunge. " I guess if you were near the cups, you'd know what was being said, unless there was a heavy cat nearby.


Yes, in real life context is invaluable! I had a giggle, thinking I might have to decide if the speaker meant they needed a refill or were complaining about their overweight cat!


I hope you don't go to Norway if thats your name. D:


I think, Duolingo has a huge problem with all this words. There are just too many new words in ewery sentence


I'm enjoying the challenge of all the new words but it would be easy to get demoralised at this point. This particular phrase was not clear enough to get right.

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