I'm almost done with my DuoLingo Dutch lessons and I feel like this lesson should have been included waaay earlier... It is very basic and I really wanted to know how to say these expressions :) For example, "brushing teeth", "taking a shower",...

February 24, 2017


We are close to releasing a new version of the Dutch course, which does include such a skill!

Wow nice, this is a great news! I am doing the Dutch course since its launch, I agree with KSolita.19 about new lessons. Dank je wel mijn vriend!

That is such great news! I'm looking forward to them :)

How close? I'm closing in on the end of the Dutch to English tree now too >_>

Also, gonna be in Leiden in 2 weeks. I'm hoping I can have some basic conversations at this point.

I guess that is were self study comes in. Here are some useful ones atleast:

to brush your teeth = Tandenpoetsen (e.g. Ik poets mijn tanden | I'm brushing my teeth)

to take a shower = Douchen (e.g. Ik ga douchen | I'm going to take a shower)

to wash your hands = Handen wassen (e.g. handen wassen is belangrijk | washing your hands is important)

to shave = scheren (e.g. Ik scheer mijn benen | I'm shaving my legs)

to apply cream, anoint = insmeren (e.g. ik smeer me in met zalf | I'm applying cream)

Thanks a lot! :)

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