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"Who will give him a scholarship?"

Translation:Ai sẽ cho anh ấy một học bổng?

February 24, 2017



"ai sẽ đưa anh ấy học bổng?" Is this right? I think it right -_-


It is incorrect because "cho" means granting him a scholarship while "dua" is like (physically) giving him an object. If you change it to "dua anh ay mot cai hoc bong" it would be more correct even they it sounds a bit unnatural to hand over a scholarship to someone since it is not physical :)


"to (physically) give sthg to someone" is only one of many definitions of đưa. đưa tin for instance is not physically handing out news. I do think đưa học bổng should be an acceptable way express "to give a scholarship". so should "tặng", or "trao"...

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No classifier here?


Could this be 'tặng' 'một học bổng' instead of 'cho'?


but that was accepted.


Can't know it unless I think to try it. It would be really helpful to have a access to see the database of the accepted translations.


I think that is a good idea! There is a lot to be learned there.


hey naturally speaking, it should be "ai sẽ cho anh một suất học bổng" right? "ai sẽ cho anh ấy một học bổng" sounds a bit off to me.

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