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"Han har skrivit ett vackert brev."

Translation:He has written a beautiful letter.

February 24, 2017



Shouldn't "He wrote a lovely letter" be an acceptable answer?


It's in the wrong tense.


This is the present perfect tense - "he wrote" is the past tense. If he has written a beautiful letter, then the letter remains written right now and it remains beautiful. He WROTE a beautiful letter suggests that the whole event surrounding his writing of it has passed. In this particularly example, I would say that it's like "Look Jane, he has written a beautiful letter, you must read it!" whereas "When my husband and I were young, he wrote a beautiful letter to me on my birthday."

in the latter example, it would sound weird (and in fact would be incorrect) to say "When we were young, he has written a beautiful letter."


Han skrev ett härligt brev :- he wrote a wonderful/lovely letter

Han har skrivit ett vackert brev :- he has written a beautiful letter

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