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"Păsările cântă imediat ce vine dimineața."

Translation:The birds sing as soon as the morning comes.

February 24, 2017



I think it could also be "right after"


It should be correct to say, "The birds sing immediately the morning comes."


That's a rather unnatural (American) English sentence.


Yes, in left pond English, but quite correct right pond.


Im assuming the right pond is England? How is this a natural english phrase anywhere?


I think you missed the word after or when perhaps? The birds sing immediately AFTER/WHEN the morning comes." As is it, it definitely makes zero sense in Australian english which is more or less english english.. XD


I think we are struggling for an almost literal translation because we usually say it quite differently - The birds sing at dawn!


Yes. Also, "... as soon as dawn comes", "at first light " or" at daybreak ".


It's bad English and it's not translating the word ce.


"Ce" usually means "what" but you were supposed to learn what "imediat ce" means. The example is horrible though; as usual... It is grammatically correct but useless since no one ever speaks like that. The closest natural sentence would be "Păsarile încep să cânte de îndată ce se face dimineață".


Interesting idea, what does the word ce mean?


"ce" means "that". It's difficult to translate it directly in this case but certainly the English sentence needs some sort of conjunction to link the clauses.


Is it how it's really pronounced? I hear "porserile" instead of "păsările".


Yes, Louis, if you go back to the first lessons you will find details of the pronunciation of the letter ă but as with English you will find some variation in how it sounds in the middle or end of a word or with the adjacent consonants. When you say it sounds like porserile that is open to interpretation, I know what you mean because i have heard the DL versions, but I look at porserile which is not, to my knowledge, an English word and could hear myself pronouncing it "pour sir I'll" which of course is not what you meant... I find it is best just to listen to and imitate as many different voices saying the word as possible.

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