"Păsările cântă imediat ce vine dimineața."

Translation:The birds sing as soon as the morning comes.

February 24, 2017

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I think it could also be "right after"


Is it how it's really pronounced? I hear "porserile" instead of "păsările".


Yes, Louis, if you go back to the first lessons you will find details of the pronunciation of the letter ă but as with English you will find some variation in how it sounds in the middle or end of a word or with the adjacent consonants. When you say it sounds like porserile that is open to interpretation, I know what you mean because i have heard the DL versions, but I look at porserile which is not, to my knowledge, an English word and could hear myself pronouncing it "pour sir I'll" which of course is not what you meant... I find it is best just to listen to and imitate as many different voices saying the word as possible.

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