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  5. "We are among women."

"We are among women."

Translation:Nous sommes entre femmes.

February 23, 2013



I found that "entre" can be used as either "between" (two things) or "among" (more than two things) but "parmi" is only used for "among". Here's what I found:

  • "entre + noun" = among
  • "entre + les + noun" = between

So "le chien mange entre les chats" = the dog eats between the (two) cats, and "nous sommes entre femme" = we are among women. This is starting to make sense! And Duo is correct! It would also be correct to say "nous sommes parmi des femmes" (accepted by Duo).


That was what confusing to me for a long time, thank you very much for making it clear.


Why is 'nous sommes entre des femmes' wrong?


Some prepositions don't require an article before the noun. Examples of prepositions that do this are:

Avec, contre, outre, par, sans, sur, pour, malgre and entre

Source - https://play.google.com/books/reader?printsec=frontcover&output=reader&id=DBYBAAAAYAAJ&pg=GBS.PA442 (p 442 if it doesn't take your straight there)

Why? Cus language, that's why.


Thanks, very handy to be made aware of.


I followed your link but it took me only to the front Web page of google books. I copied the entire link and not just the part highlighted in blue. What is the book's name, please?


Marko, try again copying the entire link including the 2 at the end. It took me straight to the book.

If it still doesn't work, search for T.C de Laporte, choose the first book (French Grammar) and head to page 442.


Thanks, for the advice. For reasons I don't know it just redirects me to: https://play.google.com/store/books. Thanks for the reference, which I looked-up. I've not gone through it, but it's a rather old text isn't it?


Adding an article before the noun changes the meaning of "entre". Nous sommes entre des femmes = We are between women Nous sommes entre femmes = We are among women


It is not clear where to use "parmi" and where "entre" In one sentence entre' will be accepted for among, other sentence, it will be wrong.


Check out n6zs' answer in this thread to see if that explains it.


My question too.Why no partitive article needed?


I have the same question..??????????????????


Hmm, On est parmi des femmes was accepted for me 0.o The article wouldn't change because of on vs nous and parmi vs entre. It must of been fixed I guess


Why isn't 'Nous sommes entre les femmes' correct. I'm have a great deal of trouble knowing whether to put les, des or nothing at all in examples like this.


Me too.Its quite frustrating..


Oh boy! I thought 'parmi' was among and 'entre' was between...


Me too. I thought 'parmi' was correct. I wonder what a francophone would say. Hmm.


Can't check with a native French speaker at the moment, but what I wrote -parmi - was verified by Google Translate and one more


"parmi de" is correct, or in this case "parmi des femmes".

I think each is equally acceptable and equally as common as the other, maybe "entre" being slightly more common.


A French speaker on the Duo boards suggested that entre was between and d'entre was among. This was offered as an explanation for Duo's requirement of the d'entre form on a particular question where among was the translation.

Here, in this example, Duo is using entre to mean among not between.

One dictionary showed entre as between and among but d'entre as strictly among. Google translate put d'entre as just of.

About.com in a discussion of entre as confusing non-native French speakers into improperly conjugating subsequent verbs, used entre as between and d'entre as of in all its examples.


Why not- nous sommes entre 'LES' femmes


You could use "les femmes" if the sentence was, "we are among the women" but if it is "we are among women" then it is implied that you are among some women so it's "des femmes". The definite article here would mean all women (or the women who are specified).


I'm confused. My understanding was that you use entre when you mean between 2 things (e.g. between his hands) and parmi where to mean amongst (e.g., before some plural noun).


Shouldn't this be "Nous sommes d'entre femmes"?


Isn't 'nous sommes entre dames' an equally good translation?


the difference between parmi and entre:

PARMI means 'among' and it is used when referring to three or more people or things (or groups of people or things). [needs determiner (article or posessive/disjuctive pronoun or ...)]

ENTRE means 'between' and it is used when referring to two people or things (or two groups of people or things). Contrast with parmi ('among'). [doesn't need determiner]




Does the form "parmie" exist if the subject is all female?

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