Swahili feedback - early introduction of some concepts?

Thanks so much for the course! I've been eagerly awaiting it for about a year and am so happy it's finally here :)

I tested to level 8 so have been submitting lots of reports a bit further down the tree, I hope they're useful!

I'm a relative Duolingo newbie so not sure if this is standard, but I did notice that several concepts (e.g. hu- as the habitual tense and -sipo- as negative conditional) were included in modules before their own. I'm not sure whether this is typical or not, but I imagine has the potential to be confusing for any beginners!

Thanks again and looking forward to watching/helping the course develop!

February 24, 2017

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I have seen this happen in a couple of courses at least. In Hungarian they inadvertently included examples of a whole additional conjugation paradigm before they actually meant to. As I understood it, they couldn't remove the sentences, the tree being locked until leaving beta, so they put a "sneak preview" section in the Tips & Notes for the skill.

However, that was a case of a complete conjugation pattern with a usage not at all similar to English. I think the case of Greek might be more analogous: the equivalent of "will" to form the future tense sort of pops up out of nowhere well before the simple future skill. Not sure how intentional that was (it might have even been even before the first present tense skill), but since it's all of two letters long, analogous to English, and forms a tense English speakers are familiar with, a few comments in the discussion thread suffice for the moment if I remember correctly.

February 25, 2017
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