Hi everyone -- I just found Doulingo the other day after looking for a new place to improve my Spanish online, and so far this site looks great! I'm not a beginner anymore, but I'm still far from fluent. I look forward to practicing with everyone here, and maybe even trying out French or German someday...

February 23, 2013


Bienvenido. Cualquier cosa que necesites, estoy a tu disposiciĆ³n.

Beinvenue!! You're going to enjoy Duolingo. I've only been a member for three months at the most, and I`ve really learned alot, apart from what I do with a tutor @ home. Again, welcome!

Good luck! I am already pretty good at Spanish (at least, I am convinced so) so I am here to make some practice with German cases and articles, and from time to time I learn French. It's fun here, if I can help you somehow please ask me!

(By the way, I am Italian.) :)

I just saw you're on level 8 - I'm on 10! I added you as a "friend," I'm super curious about how everyone else is progressing. :)

Hello there, I've been on for about a month, probably in the same skill category as you. Added you as a friend.

hola .. si necesitan ayuda .. yo se espaƱol .. :)

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