"The participle and the pronoun."

Translation:Η μετοχή και η αντωνυμία.

February 24, 2017

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really am not interested in this chapter, I can't use it in normal communication


I agree. After a couple of tantrums I have swallowed my frustration and will just finish it to move on.


It would be so great if the sentences they gave us would explain what all these things are, instead of just listing them! English is not my native language, so I have no clue!


It's okay. They're not really used by anyone other than English teachers. You can live a rich and fulfilling life without having any clue what these words mean in English, Greek, or any other language.


Interesting to see the connection between the word “antonym” in English and the Greek word for “pronoun”. The word fits well with both uses, which shows how meaning can be extended in different ways through time.

If I’m not mistaken:

Αντί = against

Όνομα = name


The dictionary hint on hover for the second "the" in this sentence is showing incorrectly as "το" instead of "η". Reported 07-08-19.

[deactivated user]

    Two alternative spellings are given but I think that αντωνυμία is correct.


    Any reason why this showed up in the education section?


    Duolingo is sneaky that way! It tries to trick you when you least expect it and checks your memory by giving you random sentences in completely irrelevant sections. It happens very often. :)


    I didnt know how to spell it.


    hello, does anyone know why it is αντωνυμια and not αντωνημια?


    I was wondering the same thing. It gives both spellings when you click over the word, but it also gives the feminine and neuter articles with it. Maybe that has something to do with it?


    Good catch, must have been a typo which has now been edited and hope it will take effect soon.

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