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Timed practice: I've started so I'll finish?

It would be really nice if you could still finish answering the last question when the timer runs out in timed practice sessions. Sometimes one question takes me a long time and I really want to see if I was at least close to getting the right answer.

February 23, 2013



There is a comprehensive discussion on the topic here...


Maybe you can speak about it here and discuss with the other people as well. :)

(I am no admn, this is only a suggestion.)


You can finish all the questions, even if you run out of time (I do that all the time) so long as you have any hearts left. But if you run out of time, you'll only get +5, no matter how many hearts you had left when you finished.


I agree.

My typing is so bad (especially when under pressure) that I don't even bother trying to stay within the time limit. I just take my time and try to get them all correct.

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