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  5. "They have a coat."

"They have a coat."

Translation:Αυτά έχουν ένα παλτό.

February 24, 2017



Please can you clarify why one can use both "αυτοί" and " αυτά" in this sentence.

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They = αυτοί, αυτές, αυτά, as when referring to men, women, children (παιδιά, which is neutral in Greek). So any of those work! :)


Actually αυτές didn't work for me in this case! I wonder why..


Does this mean that a group of people only has one coat?


I wrote "ehoume" and got it right but on the bottom it corrects it to "ehoun". Are both answers correct?


No, έχουμε is we have, but έχουν is they have


What is the difference between "έχουν" and "έχουνε"?


Two things: 1. I am having great difficulty in hearing the individual sounds of each letter - they seem to change in different words.(It's not the recording as I'm sure it is my difficulty in "getting it") 2. I am reluctant at the moment to switch my keyboard to Greek lettering for various reasons.

So when "They have a coat" comes up and Duo wants me to translate into Greek, I have been using the English letters. This has worked up to now in previous lessons and has helped me a great deal to identify the sounds. More useful to me at this stage than writing with Greek letters.

Can Duo please tell me if you have stopped allowing the use of English letters in the answers or is it that I just can't get the right letters for this particular sentence. I have put "afta ehoun ena palto".


mine worked, as usual, with 'auta exoun ena palto' and i think 'afta ekhoun ena palto' also works. the only one i can't get with the latin alphabet is newspaper

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