Is it possible to get banned from Duolingo?

This is a genuine learning question. Is there something you can do to get banned? Because I feel as if I might accidentally do it and get banned and that would be awful because then I could never learn more languages.

February 24, 2017


Hi Zeflau, just be sure to follow the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. The Terms can be a little difficult to understand. Some of the basics to understand from the Terms are: Don't use Duolingo to do illegal stuff. (Don't post or link to illegal websites or content, etc.). Staff reserves the right to define what "offensive content" means.)

Since 12Pack has stated some concerns regarding moderator abuses, if you feel that a moderator has mistreated you, you can contact staff directly by emailing to report the mod. You'll want to submit evidence of the abuse. Evidence can include full links to a discussion in which the incident occurred. (Even if comments were removed, staff will be able to see them.) Screenshots also count as evidence. Be sure to give staff a full link to the profile of the moderator. A full link is the default duolingo link with a person's username at the end. (For example, the link to my profile is

Next, there are two kinds of bans. Most people who get banned get what is called a partial ban. A partial ban allows a person to continue using the course, but stops them from being able to comment in forums, sentence discussions, and activity streams. In extreme cases, Duolingo will do a total ban, in which they remove the person's profile complete.

I hope this information is useful! And, thank you for reaching out to the community with your questions! :)

February 25, 2017

Sometimes people who are persistently unhelpful on the forums get banned from them. I wouldn't worry - no-one gets banned from the forums for doing anything accidentally. If you post in the forums and you're not aiming to be a pain in the neck, you'll be fine :)

February 24, 2017

Sweet thanks :D

February 24, 2017

Yeah, the only people who get banned are people

  • who have inappropriate user names or profile pictures
  • are consistently being annoying and rude
  • are disregarding the Duolingo guidelines several times
  • etc.

You should be fine =)

February 24, 2017
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