"How is work father?"

Translation:Habari za kazi baba?

February 24, 2017

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Some clarification on when to use habari ya vs habari za would be very helpful.


With this noun class habari ya is singular (item of news) and habari za is plural (news).


They both essentially mean the same thing. Za and ya are both prepositions meaning of.

Habari za/ya asubuhi is literally translates into "What news of the morning?" but means "How is the morning".

A dictionary states:

-a is the invariable element, which combined with a prefix forms the various prepositions wa, ya, za, cha, la, pa, kwa, ??iwa. In meaning these all correspond generally to the English 'of,' and (with the noun following) to the Genitive Case in the classical languages, and include all such adjec- tival relations as ' belonging to, pro- ceeding from, consisting of, of the class or kind of, relating to, qualified by,'

Wikipedia says that ya is used with noun classes 4, 6, and 9. Za is used with noun class 10.


I agree with you Jefferson we should be able to discuss what we r learning


I wrote "Baba, habari za kazi?" and it was not accepted. Is this correct, or could different word order also be acceptable?


If you think it is correct you can add it to the "report" session on the bottom of the page and the team will check and add the list of option as they see fit. That's why it is still in beta, you are the one who think of different possibilities and they approve or not ;)


I don't know nearly enough about Swahili yet to have any idea if this is correct or not! That's why I asked here, instead of submitting a possibly false error report :)


Always do the report. If it's a bad report they will see it and ignore it. But over time these discussions will get incredibly cluttered, it's best to not talk about errors in the discussion area.


I do agree that it is better to report than to speculate, but I don't agree with the idea of not talking about them, that's how we learn better: discussing, comparing, brainstorming.


U gotta put baba at the end


Is there any idea of what does it mean "inaendeshwa" (Habari inaendeshwa kazi baba?)? As well - "inaletwa" (Baba, habari inaletwa kazi?) ?

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