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"We are sending his computers."

Translation:Tunatuma kompyuta za yeye.

February 24, 2017



why not "kompyuta zake"?


I second this question.


I'm guessing "za yeye" is more emphatic that "zake" but I have no idea what I'm basing this on. Any confirmation by a competent Swahili speaker?


exactly why not 'kompyuta zake?


No it should be 'kupeleka' for things and 'kutuma' for people.


I'm confused - this is exactly the same swahili as was earlier translated as "we are sending computers to her" this is v different in english from "we are sending his computers" in the first she doesnt necessarily own the computers, but receives them, in the second the cumputers are definitely owned by him, but its bot clear to whom theyre bein sent...


It is possible for one sentence in one language to be translated in two completely different ways into another language. Usually one can figure out what was meant from context. However in this particular case i think this translates correctly as "We are sending his/her computers." I think that "We are sending computers to him/her" would be "Tunatuma kompyuta na yeye." There's a lot of potential for typos between na-za-ya-etc.


'Tunatuma kompyuta na yeye' would mean 'We are sending computers and him/her'


Why not use the verb kupeleka?


As far as I have understood from the native speakers who have tried to explain it to me, Kupeleka is used when an object is being transported with the person. Hope this helps


Kompyuta za yeye is not correct


hayo ni makosa kuandika "za yeye" kiswahili sanifu inafaa kuwa "tunatuma kompyuta zake". "Kupeleka" inatumika wakati kuna kitu/mtu anaandamana na kitu/vitu zinazotumwa.

Kwa hivyo naomba watunzi wa lugha kwa duolingo msahihishe hilo. asanteni


za yeye is not correct. It should be zake. Kupeleka or kupelekea means to take: as one poster commented it is with a person, as opposed to being sent.

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